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A New Workshop Location and Date:

HEALING THE HEALER: Tuning the Heart with Spirituality and IFS

February 19-20

Sangha Yoga

157 South Kalamazoo Mall #140

Kalamazoo, MI

Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 Sunday 9:00 to 4:00

An Opportunity for Renewal

How can we awaken to joy and stay connected with that joy in our daily lives?

Healing and Renewal
This workshop will offer those engaged in helping others an opportunity to care for themselves; to identify potential sources of their burnout as well as to experience connecting with inner sources of renewal.

Integrating IFS and Spirituality
By integrating Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS, the model developed by Richard Schwartz) and spiritual practice, we can support our capacity to remain centered in Self, in the heart. The IFS process helps us to open the inner space through work with our parts, and this allows the heart room to awaken. On the other hand, spiritual practices deepen and purify our experience of Self. Spiritual practices can deepen and purify the experience of Self, thus creating a path towards what in IFS is known as “Self leadership” which is similar to what in spiritual traditions is referred to as the "awakened heart."
Through this work of supporting Self and awakening the heart we are more able to walk with others through those areas of life where there is pain and darkness and at the same time help them to find sources of peace and joy.

Meditation, Music and Movement
The weekend will include work with the IFS process, guided imagery, meditation, Dances of Universal Peace, and the “Journey to Self” based on the contemporary Zen process known as Big Mind. In addition Karina Mirsky will help us integrate body and mind through yoga.

Registration details:

Early Registration $150.00

Late Registration $170.00

will be posted soon on: http://www.sanghayoga.com/

More detail to follow